Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Favorites

IT'S FRIDAY! And Fall semester is officially OVER! Ahhhh I am beyond excited right now. All that stands between me and Winter Break is a 10 page paper on Frankenstein and a Shakespeare finally. I can totally do it! This semester seriously flew by and now it's time to spend some well deserved R&R at home. Now that classes have ended, though, I've had tons of time to spend on Pinterest and imgfave, so I've found plenty of things to share with you this Friday :)

1) How amazing is this mustache cake??? My friend is going to Israel in a week, so I may just have to make her one of these as a going away gift :)

2) I'm in such awe of what people can do with nails, so it's no surprise I was blown away by these Christmas tree nails! They don't look too difficult, so maybe I'll try it out! 

3) Speaking of nail polish, I came across these adorable OPI cookies. Such a good idea to make for a polish lover :)

4) Mmmmmmm snowflake macarons! I am determined to make some macarons over winter break, so hopefully they'll look as pretty as these ones!

5) I about died when I saw this collage of disney channel original movies. Oh the memories :)

6) I want this storm trooper iphone case so bad! How sweet does he look dancing??

7) Knitting with these chunky knitting needles looks like so much fun! And that yarn just looks absolutely cuddly and cozy! 

8) Tehe, this tank top is too cute for words.

9) Look! They're little kitty pizzas! I really want to throw a cat themed party so that I can have all of these adorable cat shaped foods I've been finding :)

10) I love this tea pot necklace! Maybe I'll find it in my stocking for Christmas this year ;) 


  1. OMG! I love the poster, too! (Not so little) known fact: My second-cousin, Brandon Baker, is the star of "Johnny Tsunami"! Also, those cookies are so cute!

  2. Hehe love the iphone case it made me crack up. Love the nails and the nail polish cookies too cute for words! :D


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