Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sew In Love's First Year [Part One]

- I did my very first post here on Sew In love
- I was so excited for the first signs of spring
- I shared my super sweet care package from my parents
- Here are some songs that were stuck in my head

- I pulled my first all-nighter
- My favorite Eiffel Tower shirt made an appearance
- I had my first pen pal
- I made my own work out tank from an old t-shirt
- My cousin got married
- I shared my obsession with pastel flowers
- I went to a baseball game for Earth day
- I attempted to start a 30 day journal challenge

- I shared my recent favorite outfits
- I made some yummy fruit dip
- I found some adorable rain boots
- Take a peek inside my bag
- Get to know me from A-Z
- I made my first skirt
- I reached my goal weight
- I shared my wishlist
- I made some delicious cookie dough balls
- I got my first job
- A fun shopping trip put me in a good mood

- I shared my goals for summer
- Some summer tunes
- I had a slight obsession with lip balm
- I absolutely adore 80s movies
- I shared my favorites from Modcloth
- I visited Knitting Temptations yarn shop
- I shared a fun weekend
- I shared what's in my fox purse
- I showed you my jewelry organization
- I knitted a coffee cuff
- I crocheted my first afghan
- I crocheted a fun lip balm case

- I made some fun July plans
- I crocheted an octopus
- I was part of a sweet summer secret swap with other bloggers
- I sewed a pocket onto a sweatshirt
- I had a super fun Die Hard marathon
- I made some bottle cap magnets
- I made a knitted button bag
- I shared my sunglasses collection
- I did some summer cleaning
- I created some handmade postcards
- I was part of the Christmas in July blogger swap
- My family and I headed to the beach for vacation

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