Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sweet On Sweaters

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As the cold weather is finally moving in, one thing comes to my mind: it's sweater time! I absolutely love sweaters and bundling up in those adorably knitted tops. Modcloth probably has the cutest sweaters around, so I thought I'd share my favorite six sweaters with you guys! Whether they're big and cozy or have an adorable print, these sweaters are all to die for. 

While I can't afford to have all of these sweaters, I do love it when I snag a big comfy sweater for a bargain price when I shop. Being able to snuggle up in a sweater by the fire with a big cup of tea and good book sounds like absolute heaven to me. Doesn't it? *sigh* I get warm and sleepy just thinking about it. 

The best sweaters, though, have to be the good old Christmas sweaters. I love going to ugly Christmas sweater parties and seeing what beauties people have been able to dig up! I think the fourth sweater on my list would definitely be the perfect sweater to wear to one of those parties. Despite the "ugly" reputation those Christmas sweaters have, I don't think they're ugly at all! They're simply perfect for sharing the cheer and joy of this holiday season. 

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  1. That last striped one is awesome! I need a sweater like that in my life, but modcloth is rather pricey... maybe one day...


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