Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday's Favorites

Oh my goodness, time just flies whenever I'm home...and when it's Christmas! I had a fantastic Christmas Day with my family and got so many goodies from Santa. And now we have TONS of left over cookies after baking for two days straight. And it snowed yesterday! Overall, it has been a pretty great week :)

1) Mmmm this fact of life is so true! Anything can be fixed with some cookies :)

2) This pink and white kitchen is so adorable! I would love to have this in my home one day. 

3) OH MY GOSH. How delicious does this kit kat lasagna look?

4) I love this Lion King mug so much! It would be so fun to have when I'm feeling down :)

5) These mint-toed heels are just too adorable. I love the colors!

6) This Wonderland Tea is so cute! I would love to see what characters they matched with which flavors. 

7) I LOVE this turquoise sweater. It just looks so comfy and I can just imagine cuddling up with a good book while wearing it. 

8) This assortment of rings is beyond awesome. I'm obsessed with owls, so adding  that owl ring to my collection would be awesome :)

9) Speaking of owls...this owl watch is so cute. And it's pink! Where can I get one?

10) How could would it be to actually see this book exchange? I think I would die if I came across this one day.

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