Monday, January 7, 2013

Brand New Sew In Love for 2013

That's right! I redid the header, background, and "Find Me" buttons into entirely new colors and designs! In case you forgot, here's how Sew In Love used to look like...

I loved my old header, but I've had that one for so long that I thought it was time for a much needed change. And I am completely in love with my new colors. Don't you love them? I've been obsessed with that turquoise color lately, so I decided to make that the main color of my blog! What do you guys think? Do you like the new design? I'd love to hear your opinions, so please be honest! 

Now that I've gotten a new design done, 2013 is wide open for wonderful and crafty things to happen on Sew In Love! I'm so excited to see where I go here and what new things I find to share with you guys! I hope you all are having a fantastic start to the new year as well! 


  1. how do you make your find me buttons?

  2. It looks wonderful! I love the background it's a bit like washi tape I think :)


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