Thursday, January 31, 2013

Friday's Favorites

Happy Friday! Oh my goodness, what a week. It was a super busy one for me and let's just say I'm happy for a break! I'm heading up to Toledo on Saturday for a Quidditch tournament, so that should be a lot of fun. I know it's going to be freezing, so hopefully I can try and find ways to stay warm. And I can't believe January is over! We're getting closer and closer to spring :)

1) Hehe, I love this Tea shirt

2) These heart nails would be so perfect for Valentine's Day. 

3) I love this heart backed dress. It makes me wish for the warm weather!

4) Aahhhhh moustache cupcakes! I want, I want!

5) Haha, this quote should definitely be my motto. Especially considering how much I love cereal :)

6) This phone case is so cute! And I love the pink color. 

7) Haha, this kitty picture is literally the story of my life. 

8) I am obsessed with this bicycle bracelet. The hearts inside of the wheels are just the perfect touch. 

9) Omg, these moustache nails are just too perfect for me. I want to make them so bad! 

10) I am so in love with this white coat. It looks like it would be so cozy in these freezing temperatures. 

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