Sunday, January 6, 2013

Craft Corner: A Simple Cowl

I have been meaning to knit a cowl for my sister FOREVER and I finally made her own for Christmas! I found a simple pattern that I thought she would love called A Simple Cowl and it is absolutely perfect for my sister. She's not into huge, showy things, so things cowl is subtle enough but still has a cute pattern and color. 

I only ended up using one skein of Vanna's Choice yarn because I thought it was plenty tall enough for my sister. The pattern called for two skeins, but I think that would have been way too big for her, so I stopped after one. She seemed really excited about it when she opened it, though she's still asking for her own version of the very first cowl I ever made. At least this should hold her over until whenever I finally get around to making that cowl for her. 

I absolutely loved knitting gifts for my family because seeing their reactions to my own creations is the best feeling ever. I'm already looking forward to next Christmas and what fun, new patterns I'm going to use to impress and surprise my family again :)

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