Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tumblr is my BFF

So a couple of weeks ago I got a tumblr and I am literally OBSESSED with it. How did I not know about the awesomeness of tumblr sooner? I called my page Busy Nothings after the quote from Jane Austen's Mansfield Park- "Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings." I am in love with my title because Jane Austen is so inspiring and I think my pictures reflect her and her books. All I basically do is reblog pretty pictures of books, notebooks, coffee, tea, sweaters, and other vintage looking images. I could literally spend all day on tumblr finding new and wonderful blogs to follow. 

I got my template from some website for free. All I did was google "free tumblr templates" and went through millions until I found this one. I love the simpleness of the title and how the pictures are all organized in four columns. The best part, though, has to be the infinite scroll. I tried out a couple of other templates but they all stopped scrolling after like 25 pictures and you had to click the next button. That really bothered me, so I'm really happy I was able to find a template that just let you show as many pictures as you want. Because I reblog a ton of pictures. 

Do any of you guys have a tumblr? I'd love to follow so that I can get more inspiration from mine! And what other tumblrs do you follow? I've found some that I'm completely obsessed over, which is probably what's feeding my addiction in the first place. Who knew pictures could be so addicting? 

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  1. I really like the pictures youve reblogged. I find that tumblr is good if you have a bunch of time to sit and explore. If you havent, check out coffeeteabooks.


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