Friday, January 4, 2013

Craft Corner: River and Reeds Cowl

Now that Christmas has come and gone, I can finally share the fun gifts I made for my family! Today, I wanted to share with you guys the cowl I made for my mom! When I saw this pattern, I immediately thought of the turquoise yarn I had sitting in my yarn bin because I knew it would be the perfect yarn for this project. The best part about that pattern was that it was a free Ravelry download! Free patterns are always my favorite and I could spend hours looking through that website at the free patterns that are available. After many days of searching, I finally settled on the River and Reeds Cowl and I must say, I think I chose well. 

The yarn I chose turned out absolutely perfectly! The pattern wasn't too hard at all, though it did take quite a bit of time to finish. But I definitely think it was worth it in the end because the design turned out exactly the way I wanted it to!

And I'm pretty sure my mom loved it as well! She was so surprised when she opened it up Christmas morning and she's worn it quite a few times since then. It makes me so happy seeing her wearing something I made. It makes me want to make more and more things for my family and friends, just to see them wearing my projects :)

Now I can't wait for mother's day and her birthday (which are normally about a week apart) so that I can make her more fun cowls that she can wear with her wardrobe. Who knew that knitting for other people could be so much fun? Did any of you make gifts for your family or friends?


  1. I made a scarf and hat for my cousin, hats for a couple other cousins, a hat and cowl for my sister, and a camel for one cousin who hates camels (haha). I am also in the process of finishing a scarf for my mom, which I wrapped up half-finished, so she'd have something to unwrap under the tree, and then immediately took back so that I could work on it.

    I bookmarked that pattern, because it looks awesome!


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